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"Self-censorship of climate skepticism in the Finnish media"

Laajasti luetun australialaisen tri John Ray´n blogista tänään 16.9.2009:


Self-censorship of climate skepticism in the Finnish media

An email from Hannu Tanskanen []. With a few grammatical corrections. See his blog here (in a mixture of Finnish and English)

Finland has always been described as "model pupil" in the European Union. Not long ago the EU tried to issue a "directive" prohibiting critisism of "climate change", fortunately without success. But Finland, more papal than Pope himself, has applied this rule for a long time already.

In 2007 our Centre Party prime minister declared, that "it is time for the climate critics to shut their mouths". Consequences of this statement were soon obvious. Since 1989 and regularly between 2003-2008, I had been a free-lance science writer in Scandinavia's biggest popular technology publication TM Tekniikan Maailma -- and where just recently I wrote a large article on climate change, where I Iet two leading critical scientists express their opinions.

The editor in chief of TM changed in that same year and he fired me immediately without any explanation. Also the leading daily newspaper, HS Helsingin Sanomat, where I have had articles on science pages since 2003 refused to take any more of my articles. They even refused to publish my opinion on their readers' pages. Orwelliania was in 1984, but in the Finnish media it is in 2009 !

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