torstai 16. heinäkuuta 2009

Nature Geoscience: Global warming: Our best guess is likely wrong

Nature Geoscience esittää tänään tuoreen tutkimuksen, joka haastaa hiilidioksidin
roolin ilmaston lämpenemisessä.


"No one knows exactly how much Earth's climate will warm due to carbon emissions, but a new study this week suggests scientists' best predictions about global warming might be incorrect.

The study, which appears in Nature Geoscience, found that climate models explain only about half of the heating that occurred during a well-documented period of rapid global warming in Earth's ancient past. The study, which was published online today, contains an analysis of published records from a period of rapid climatic warming about 55 million years ago known as the Palaeocene-Eocene thermal maximum, or PETM"

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  1. The Sun is the primary temperature driver and warms the oceans in which huge guantities of heat are stored and released int the atmosphere over long multidecadal periods of time usually operating via the oscillations in the oceans (PDO, AMO).

    The role of CO2 is marginal.