lauantai 18. heinäkuuta 2009

"Vaihtoehtoiset energiat" valtava riski sijoittajille


* Global warming patterns have reversed in the past decade, Rice says, citing studies by meteorologist Dr. Judah Cohen, whom BlackRock has on retainer. Ten years is microscopic in geological terms but "you'd better hope global warming is caused by man-made [carbon dioxide] if you're investing in these sectors," he says. "I think that's a huge risk based on some of the evidence that's been coming out."

* Alternative energies are not economical without major government subsidies or a large enough carbon tax. The cap and trade legislation currently being debated is "not enough to do anything," Rice says. "All it does is provide Obama a pass to Copenhagen" where the U.N. is hosting a climate change conference in December.

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  1. Terveiset Somerolta..

    Jep, uusliberalistisessa ajattelumaailmassa ei ole tilaa valtiolle koska siinähän äänestäjät saattaisivat sanoa ei tukiaisille !!!!Ei ihme että
    bisnes-miehii ahdistaa...