lauantai 4. heinäkuuta 2009

Svensmarkilta uusi tutkimus kosmisen säteilyn ja ilmaston yhteydestä

(Kuvassa tutkija Jasper Kirby esittelee kosmisten säteiden ja pilvien tutkimusta)


The paper concludes:

Our results show global-scale evidence of conspicuous influences of solar variability on cloudiness and aerosols. Irrespective of the detailed mechanism, the loss of ions from the air during FDs reduces the cloud liquid water content over the oceans. So marked is the response to relatively small variations in the total ionization, we suspect that a large fraction of Earth’s clouds could be controlled by ionization. Future work should estimate how large a volume of the Earth’s atmosphere is involved in the ion process that leads to the changes seen in CCN and its importance for the Earth’s radiation budget. From solar activity to cosmic ray ionization to aerosols and liquid-water clouds, a causal chain appears to operate on a global scale.

Svensmark, H., T. Bondo, and J. Svensmark (2009)

Ja CERN on saanut niin lupaavia tuloksia Svensmarkin teorian todentamisessa, että uusi ja laajempi tutkimus "CLOUD09" on päätetty:


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