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SPPI Original Paper ♦ June 25, 2009 : ‘Global warming’ is No Global Crisis

SPPI Paper

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Contrary to reports, the climate is doing just fine.

Global Sea-ice Extent A steady heartbeat for 30 years.

Arctic Sea Ice Normal in winter, down a little in recent summers, but well
within natural variability.

Arctic Temperature Warmer in the 1930s and early 1940s than today.
North-West Passage Amundsen sailed through it in 1903. It was also open in the

Greenland Mean ice-sheet thickness grew by 2 in/yr from 1993-2003
(Johannessen et al., 2005).

Polar Bears Population up fivefold since the 1940s.

Antarctic Sea Ice Growing for 30 years.

Little change in 50 years.

Antarctic Peninsula Ice-shelves about 1/55 the area of Texas have gone, but were
not there in the Middle Ages.

Sahara Desert
Greening so fast that 300,000 km2 has become vegetated,
allowing nomadic tribes to settle where they haven’t been seen
in living memory.

Droughts and Floods Variable as usual.

Hurricanes and Other
Tropical Cyclones Lowest activity for 30 years.

Sea Level
Rising at 1 ft/century since satellite measurements began in
1993, compared with average 4 ft/century over the past
10,000 years. No sea-level rise in the last three years.
UN High-end Forecast Slashed from 3ft to <2ft sea-level rise by 2100: UN best
current estimate 1 ft 5 in.

Bangladesh Has gained 70,000 km2 land area confounding UN sea-level

Pacific Atolls
Not at risk: corals can grow towards the light at 10x the rate
of sea-level rise, which is why so many atolls are just above
sea level.

Maldives No sea-level rise in 1250 years (Morner, 2004).

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