lauantai 9. toukokuuta 2009

Hiilidioksidin rooli lämpenemiseen väärinymmärretty ?

Mikä on hiilidioksidin rooli,after all ?


"On the other hand, for its doctrine that man-made CO2-emissions cause harmful global warming, the IPCC speaks in terms of its mathematical formalism of “radiative forcing” and “positive feedback by water vapour”. But, sad to say, this formalism is fatally flawed and cannot describe the true dynamical structure of the climate response to CO2"

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  1. Noniin...
    6 May 2009 - Tropical Pacific Sea Surface Temperatures Drive Global Temperatures
    The tropical Pacific sea surface temperatures (SST) correlate almost exactly with the global average temperatures - unlike any other region. According to the IPCC, tropical temperatures have not been affected by CO2. The global temperature correspondence with tropical SST and cloud cover indicates global temperatures are not related to CO2. See the new Tropical SST page for details.