sunnuntai 3. kesäkuuta 2012

Nobelisti Carlo Rubbia: "CO2-emissioilla ja ilmastonmuutoksella ei yhteyttä toisiinsa"

Carlo Rubbia Vuoden 1984 fysiikan nobelisti, italialainen tri Carlo Rubbia toteaa,ettei hiilidioksidipäästöillä ja ilmastonmuutoksella ole korrelaatiota, alla käännös englanniksi italiasta: "It's not found a relationship between climate change and CO2 emissions." He said today in Venice Prize laureate Carlo Rubbia. "The new situation - he explained - and 'that while emissions continue, by 2000, and' a decrease in temperature." The physical phenomenon and noted that 'due to an effect of' masking ', which plays a role such as the energy stored in the oceans. "You can not 'say that the CO2 does not count - he concluded - that we still have to decrease." The Nobel Prize considers the decisions to be taken in the next 10-15 years on the sustainability of the 'energy' will have significant consequences in the field of energy security and climate change, as well as' on growth and jobs. Costs could be high - highlights - but the price of inaction 'it would be much more "'. The Nobel and 'spoke at the annual conference' The Creation of shared value: Sustainability and Finance ', organized by the BSI Gamma Foundation Auditorium Santa Margherita in Venice. "Go towards sustainability '- added the physical - implies a broadening of the definition of cost that goes far beyond' mere economic implications of short-term interests to include economic, environmental and social long-term. In order to reconcile economic growth and sustainable development, strategic choices must be made ​​consistent, they are based on real and innovative scientific and technological developments. "Rubbia, beginning his long speech he stated that" sustainable development means to respond to this without compromising future generations, "arguing that this" fossil energy sources will be needed for decades to come. "

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  1. Vesihöyry taitaa (korkeimman arvion mukaan) olla 98%:sti vastuussa lämmön pidättymisessä ilmakehässä, niin ei siinä CO2 paljoa paina. Lisäksi luonto tuottaa itse 95% kaikesta ilmakehässä olevasta CO2:sta..

    Mutta eipä tuo uskovaisia näytä kiinnostavan.

  2. Noin todisti jo ilmastotieteen "Grand Old Man", Virginian yliopiston ilmastotieteen professori S. Fred
    Singer parikymmentä vuotta sitten.

  3. On kiva kun ei tarvitse tehdä mitään maapallon pelastamiseksi!